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If we are to acknowledge that N is a scingfiiant climatic problem, then the enviro-gaia movement will push for mandatory restrictions on fertilizer use. They will follow the same over-reaction as with CO2, with targeted pseudo-science, and demands to eliminate use.A more expensive fertilizer ($/lb) would be imposed on the industry due to a perceived threat. The farmer loses the ability to choose the best fertilizer, for his unique operation. The claim of increased efficiency is only theorized.New fertilizers are great for farmers, as long as they can decide for themselves, which to use. Market forces and competition will determine their efficiency.How long before we hear demands for a nitrogen tax? Driving up fuel and fertilizer costs will impact the world population and economy, as well.Does it not strike people as strange, that activists and gaia worshipers have targeted the two most important plant foods Nitrogen and CO2. I guess that just leaves H2O to scarcify. Btw, adding, N, under climatic cooling will have little effect. Only warmth and fertilizers will increase yields, as it is only required, during vigorous growth. GK