Jörg Weigand

Der rote Duft des Blutes

Sechs Vamirerzählungen

Inhalt: Notarzt • Der rote Duft des Blutes • Auftankstation • Das hungrige Klavier • Der süße Duft des Bösen • Isabella oder Eine ganz besondere Liebe

„With the Nazi era, came the end of fantastic literature in Germany, but in the 1970s vampire literature was revived, most of it quite stereotype. But some items derserve mention: …Jörg Weigand, Isabella oder eine ganz besondere Liebe (1993) who uses the vampire theme for a complex story of Eastern and Western Germany (which became united 1990).”

John Gordon Melton, Institute for the Studies of American Religion, University of California, Santa Barbara, The Vampire Book – The Encyclopedia of the Undead Visible Ink Express, 3rd revised ed. 2010 (p. 288)

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