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-@JeffreyThen why is the Church of Rome trying to make the Church in the United States of America a Roman Church.  Why  is all dsiiuscsons of important issued silenced by Rome. How would you like to be told you may not write your opinions (just stated above) just because the editors of this page does not agree with them!!!   The reason why the Germans have won this issue is because they are leaving the church by the thousands. The Germans pay a church tax and the count is accurate because they have removed their names from the official tax role.   Why are good and decent bishops removed from office and those who have covered up abused by clergy promoted to bishops and archbishops? Why did Rome officially ask the judiciary of the United States not to prosecute bishops and priest under our civil laws and let Rome handle it under canon law?  This cabled item was just released by wikileak just last Friday. church???+====== Erzählungen ======